We have grown our program offerings,
and our troupe of talented HERstory Reenactors.

--19th Century Pioneers: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony & Sojourner Truth

--Black History- Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth & Bessie Coleman.

--Suffrage Celebrations: Anti- Suffrage leader Josephine Pearson

Now offering a "Talk  Show" format
with time-traveling guests.

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Bring HERstory Alive!

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Voices of American HERstory (VOAH) is an educational arts project created to educate and enlighten new audiences through performances, interactive discussion, and inspiring stories about women.

VOAH shines a light on women doing great things in our cities and communities through our historical reenactments, VOICES podcast, Saturday Voices virtual program, and VOICES: Rebecca Then & Now blog.

We honor some of the monumental women who were instrumental in the early days of women's suffrage through film and the performances of Rebecca Now, Tia Adkins, and Jenny Grace Morris. Passionate about women's rights history, the three performers are also subject matter experts on the time period and the historical characters they portray.

VOAH materials fit well into most middle school curriculums and make excellent discussion-starters for corporate and community groups. By delivering the actual speeches of the 19th century suffragists, Rebecca, Tia, and Jenny bring history alive, recreating this pivotal time in women's history.

Bring HERstory to Life!

Rebecca, Tia, and Jenny are available to make your next event interactive, educational, and fun! Whether it’s in-person or virtual, each reenactor appears in full costume and make-up and becomes her historical character for the duration of your event. Appearances usually last about an hour but can be tailored to fit the needs of your group. The trio may appear together or individually and can include a Q & A session about their character and life as a woman during the 19th century. Rebecca, Tia, and Jenny Grace are ready to deliver the most famous, identifying speech of the monumental woman she portrays:

- Elizabeth Cady Stanton: “Seneca Falls Address"

- Sojourner Truth: “Ain’t I a Woman?”

- Susan B. Anthony: “Are Women Citizens?”

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"That was an AMAZING program … thank you ALL so very much.  I’ve had lots of feedback already how great the session was and SO informative!  Appreciate it SO much and would definitely recommend!"

Amanda Kibbons, Erie Insurance

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