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The three VOAH reenactors have a passion to bring women's rights history alive to new audiences, through our educational films and personal appearances.

The trio is  available for in-person events or online presentations. All three are subject matter experts on the time period and the historical characters they portray. Voices of American HERstory  presentations fit well into most middle and high school curriculum and make excellent discussion-starters for corporate and community groups. By delivering the actual speeches of the 19th century suffragists, the innovative reenactors bring history alive and recreate this critical time period in the women's rights movement..

Rebecca Now


Rebecca is an innovative historian with a passion for women's rights history.  Rebecca is a communicator through her writing, podcasts, storytelling, and events. She claims affinity to all three waves of feminism, often joking that she “breathes in three centuries.”  She reenacts nineteenth century feminist philosopher Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  She came of age in the twentieth century during the women’s liberation movement. Now in the twenty-first century, Rebecca works to advance gender equality. When Rebecca first  learned about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she was incredulous that this brilliant feminist thinker and activist was not mentioned in her history studies in secondary school.

Jenny Grace Morris


Jenny Grace Morris has been involved in theatre productions since she was in elementary school. She studied acting in New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina before moving to St. Louis where she met Rebecca Now. When Rebecca suggested she portray Susan B. Anthony and join her as a reenactor, Jenny Grace knew she had to say yes. As a single woman, she can relate to the challenges that women have experienced both in the past and present. Jenny Grace knows the value of relating women's HERstory so that our daughters will understand the importance of advocating for their divine rights. In addition to performing Susan B. Anthony, Jenny Grace is a voice actor, mom and clarity coach.

Tia Adkins


Tia Adkins became familiar with Sojourner Truth when she was 16 years old. It was during Black History Month when she recited her speech, “Ain't I a Woman?”  from memory. Later in life, after watching Rebecca Now perform as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she became intrigued with historical reenacting and decided to give it a try.  Tia began performing professionally  at the same age as Sojourner was when she delivered her famous "Ain't I a Woman?" speech.  In addition to Voices of American HERstory and Sojourner Truth appearances, Tia is an ordained minister in Divine Science.